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I am ready for Rise of Iron!!!


My vault is pretty much at capacity, here is a look at what I currently have stashed for RoI. Exotic engrams: Primaries (7), Specials (0) – broke them all down to get the exotic sidearm, Heavies (11), Helmets (10), Gauntlets (12), Chest (11), and Boots (13) for a total of 64 exotics….and some misc blues and legendaries. Bring on RoI!!!

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Discussing Rahool’s stinginess on Reddit


Browsing Destiny Reddit and was reading this today and thought it was pretty good. The discussion ensuing after was pretty funny and totally relatable. For the full thread click the title below. Twas the reset before RoI (by theForehead666) ‘Twas the reset before RoI when all through the tower Not a guardian was stirring, not even ikora Our engrams were ...

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The Dream – Movie of the Week

The Dream - Movie of the Week

Big shout out and congratulations to Twitch streamer Ninja_with_no_L for winning Bungie’s movie of the week. His movie titled “The Dream” is just amazing, the things this guy can do with his titan will just blow your mind. Be sure to check it out, you won’t be disappointed!

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Dumb Teabaggers – Vol 1


Nothing is worse then a teabagger and people do it just to be dicks, plain and simple. The only time teabagging is good is when it blows up in some dumb asses face! Behold, this is dumb teabagggers vol 1! View post on

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Official Rise of Iron Trailer

Rise of Iron

Well, it’s been awhile since we made a post, even though we have been full swing playing Destiny! The new expansion, Rise of Iron which is due out in late September of this year looks amazing! We are super stoked for the new content as well as the new raid. Stay tuned for some funny clips of our raid team ...

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