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Best Rocket Shot I’ll Ever Make

We recently started playing the Trials of Osiris, practicing to get better. I've never been a great Trials player but over the last few weeks, myself (including my fellow fireteam) have been improving greatly. This shot happened shortly after the heavy dropped and we were pushing on the opposing team as they were one man down. This will probably be ...

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Destiny: Never Alone – A Destiny Animation

This "Destiny Creation" contest that Bungie is putting on is just simply amazing. Some of the entries that have been posted so far are just blowing my mind. Take for example this fan made animation about what Destiny means to him. This is really great stuff and this IS what Destiny is all about! I would have loved to see ...

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Cool way to finish off the DeathSinger


This would have been close to one of the very first Crota's End raids that we did, so we (me) were still very unexperienced with Crota's End and I believe that there was only five of us in the team. Right near the end I couldn't get a clear shot on her so I whipped up the old Swordbreak and ...

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Wife gets her first Gjallarhorn!

My Wifes Gjallarhorn

My wife and I play Destiny together so we have almost the same amount of time put in the game and I would say that is close to over 600 hours now. At one point we were both the last in our group of obtain the exotic rocket launcher "Gjallarhorn".. now it seems that I am the last to get ...

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