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Discussing Rahool’s stinginess on Reddit

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Browsing Destiny Reddit and was reading this today and thought it was pretty good. The discussion ensuing after was pretty funny and totally relatable. For the full thread click the title below. Twas the reset before RoI (by theForehead666) 'Twas the reset before RoI when all through the tower Not a guardian was stirring, not even ikora Our engrams were sat in our vaults with care Before that dick rahool decrypts them into rares We should be sleeping all tucked up in bed. Instead we're dancing with sparkly heads Our community managers Cosmo and Deej Pray for at least a week of no "Bungie plz!!!" When out in the Tower there was such a clatter Guardians went over to see what was the matter "They all have the same emblem and why are they blue?" DTG was here with the shader "Glowhoo" While on lfg, posts are being made from desperate guardians who want space aids "Screw my edging on all of my ranks The sparkles are amazing! Bungie Thanks!" Even though it's so popular people like to flame go on any forum, you'll see "people still play this game?!1!?" We love this game, even with our gripes But we don't have to time to explain why we are so HYPE! Guardian 1 comment: My favourite part: "Our engrams were sat in our vaults with care, Before that dick rahool decrypts them into rares". Guardian 2 replies: Hahaha... Fake laughs...hiding real pain... Guardian 3 comment: When I first started playing I thought Rahool's dickish-ness was a myth...oh how wrong I was lol. Guardian 4 replies: The worst part is when he says things like, "oh guardian you always pick the most peculiar things". No Rahool, @#$% off!!, I did not "PICK" that blue shitty ass hand cannon or that blue warlock bond you have given me 4 times in a row. Guardian 5 replies: My favorite is the "You don't see many of those anymore". You've given me four of them in the last @#$%ing hour, including one right before this one! Bahahaha....I don't know how many times these exact thoughts have run through my head when decrypting engrams.   Admiral out.

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Hello fellow Guardians, Welcome to the site! As you have already guessed I totally love this game. I have been a gamer all my life and have spent many an hour in front of my consoles. These ranged everywhere from the Atari (wow) to the PS4 and most consoles in between. Needless to say this does somewhat predict my! I am almost 43 and still love to game. Some of my all time favs are: Final Fantasy VII (PS), Golden Eye (N64), Black Ops II (PS3), Halo and Batman (pretty much any in the series) just to name a few. Destiny has become my all time favorite game and I have well over 2500 hrs (about 104 days of game, I need to get a life) invested into my characters. I have one of each class the Titan being my favorite by far. Although it seemed somewhat of a grind at times I have managed to collect all of the exotic items, raid gear and weapons. I am currently working on maxing my Grimoire score as it sits currently at 5085. I think my love of the game stems from the social aspect of Destiny. I love to help out kinder guardians who are new to the game as I can remember how it feels to try and get into a fireteam and no one wants to take the "noobs" along. I am currently playing on the PS4 so if you see me out there and need some help send me a message and I'll see what I can do to help you out. See out there guardians. Admiral...out.

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