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I can successfully say that I blame our Destiny addiction (yes addiction) on my eldest brother (AdmiralPiet1). If it wasn't for him, my wife and I probably wouldn't have upgraded to our PS4's, in fact, we may not have even bothered with our PS3's as we were both avid PC gamers at the time. After we have upgraded our PS3's to our PS4's my wife decided to get the white "Destiny" bundle, while I opted to go with "The Last of us" bundle.
This was great because I heard a ton of great reviews on the Last of Us so I was super pumped to start playing. Now my wife and I do everything together, including gaming. So when I started playing The Last of Us, she naturally started playing Destiny (this was shortly after Destiny's release)... I don't need to go into much detail here because as we all know, Destiny is really addictive, so the next day I had my own copy of Destiny and had begun playing side by side with the love of my life. We both got into this game very quickly as the co-operative aspect of the game was amazing and that we could always play together, side by side, kicking the bad guys asses!
Our PS4 Systems

Our PS4 Systems

[ /one_third_last] Shortly after AdmiralPiet1 picked up the game as well. We helped him get through some levels and played some strikes together, and to be honest we never knew the full potential of Destiny. We didn't know about the Raids, Xur, Strange Coins and we didn't really know much about the exotics and legendaries, so after a few months of grinding strikes, the game got a bit stale for us and we decided to put it up and move on to something else (this was probably 1 month before the release of The Dark Below). When we had our PS3's, we were both huge Battlefield 4 fans as well, so we picked up a copy for the PS4 and played that until Christmas when we both received copies of the new Dragon Age. I must admit, Dragon Age is a pretty sweet game in it's own, so we were heavily involved in that. One evening, we get a message from my brother asking if we would give him a hand in Destiny. I believe he was doing the Thorn bounty (A light in the dark) where you have to kill Xyor, the Unwed in the Summoning Pits. So we thought what the hell and set aside Dragon Age for the time being and loaded up Destiny. I think at the time we were only around level 22 or 23 and of course he was like level 28, so really all we could do is stay back out in the entrance and go out and revive him if he died. This is where AdmiralPiet1 started to explain all of the extra goodies that we missed when we first started playing and of course, all of the new goodies that came with the Dark Below expansion. Needless to say, we were instantly hooked again.  From then we grinded it out all the way up to level 31, which was the highest we could go without doing raids. AdmiralPiet1 had since told use about a service called "Destiny Sherpa" where a guide would take you into the raids and explain the mechanical and fundamentals of the raid to you, he had done this himself and recommended this to us. Onto Reddit I went looking for a guide willing to take us through the Vault of Glass and Crota's End. We ended up finding a fantastic guide by the name of "almariidian", who took us both through VoG and CE on normal mode, he explained to us, step by step on what would happen and what we should be doing. Overall it was a fantastic experience and I would recommend this to anyone who has not had the opportunity to run through the raids.
At this point, AdmiralPiet1 had made some friends which he would do the raids with and occasionally we had the opportunity to jump in with them which allowed us to finally reach level 32. A few months later, I finally convinced another of my brothers to upgrade to the PS4 and grab a copy of Destiny and AdmiralPiet1 has gotten his son (my nephew) involved as well. So now we usually have a group of 5 that we can do the raids on a regular basis.
Since House of Wolves came out, we all work together to do the Prison of Elders and to get all of our characters to level 34. The only unfortunate part of the whole experience is, during the time we put the game away, we missed the opportunity to purchase the Gjallarhorn from Xur...  Currnently, I am the only one left in our group to obtain this beauty (my wife recently grabbed hers from a heavy legendary engram that she got from the Cryptarch). To be continued...

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