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Bungie Update
Bungie Update

The Taken King – New details leaked

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Loading... have release some more leaked details on the next Destiny expansion which has been rumored to be titled "The Taken King". This information is not confirmed, however, Kotaku claims they were able to collaborate this information with other sources. They claim "The Taken King" will contain (so far):
  • A September 2015 release ($40)
  • New Raid: Oryx (Crota’s father)
  • New Enemy (Race?): The Taken
  • New Strikes/PVP Maps (The usual)
  • 3 new subclasses with new super abilities:
    • "Gravity Bow" (Void) - Hunter
    • "Electrical Storm" (Arc) - Warlock
    • "Flaming Hammer" (Solar) - Titan
Bungie is said to be revealing this and more information at next weeks E3 expo. E3 runs June 16 - June 18 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.  

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